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Q: How do I receive my tracking number?
A: Tracking numbers are sent out via e-mail along with the invoice and serial numbers.

Q: What form of payments does Sanworks accept?
A: Sanworks accepts all major credit cards, including AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, & Discover. We also accept payment by Paypal, COD Company Check and wire transfer.

Q: Does Sanworks provide 3rd party blind drop-ships?
A: Yes.

Q: Is Sanworks able to ship on my FedEx, UPS or DHL account number? What about a 3rd party?
A: Yes, we are able to ship on either the customer’s or receiver’s account number.

Q: How long is the standard warranty for refurbished parts?
A: 90 days warranty, with 1-year technical support. We can also provide extended warranty periods for an additional charge.

Q: Where do Sanworks’ products ship from?
A: Southern California – specifically, city of Fountain Valley.


Q: Do you charge sales tax?
A: We are required to charge 8.75% sales tax only to orders with a ‘ship to’ or ‘bill to’ address in California. All other orders outside of California are tax free.

Q: What if I posses a California Resale Certificate or a Multi-State Jurisdiction Resale Certificate that includes California?
A: If you are a reseller exempt from California sales tax, please email a copy of your reseller’s certificate to info@sanwork.com or fax a copy to (714) 643-8480 referencing your online order number.


Q: What if I need something shipped urgently?
A: Orders must be received by 3PM PST in order to be able to ship out the same day. Otherwise, it will be shipped out the following business day.

Q: Is shipping free?
A: Yes, all domestic orders are eligible for free ground shipping.

Q: What if I don’t have a shipping account?
A: If you do not posses an account number with any freight company, we can include any shipping charges to your invoice.

Q: What shipping methods can I choose from?
A: For domestic orders less than 75 pounds FedEx or UPS can be used.

FedEx Priority Overnight | UPS Red

Receive your package next day by 10AM.

FedEx Standard Overnight | UPS Red Saver

Receive your package next day by 12PM.

FedEx Economy | UPS Blue

Receive your package in 2 business days.

FedEx Saver | UPS Orange

Receive your package in 3 business days.

FedEx Ground | UPS Ground

Receive your package in 4-6 business days.

For international orders, DHL, FedEx or UPS can be used. For large orders a special freight company would be solicited. Price would depend on the company, unit and ship to address.


Q: What if I ordered the wrong part?
A: You may return the unit for credit if it is in good working condition.  However, a 20% restock fee will apply.

Q: What if the unit is defective?
A: If your unit is defective we will gladly send you a replacement drive with free ground shipping. Once you receive the replacement, we ask that you place the original unit in the box and ship it back to our warehouse referencing the authorized RMA# given by a sales representative. Failure to return the defective unit within 10 business days may result in billing for the replacement unit.

Q: What if the unit is defective and I decided I do not want a replacement?
A: If the unit is defective, we will gladly refund you your money. Once the unit is shipped back to our warehouse referencing the authorized RMA#, our RMA department will process your credit. In order to better serve you, the returned unit MUST match the serial number of the unit shipped out to you, the warranty sticker MUST NOT be removed or tampered with under any circumstances, and your return shipment MUST reference an RMA#. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in rejection of the unit for credit.


Q: Do you have new items?
A: Yes, however, we mostly carry refurbished units to pass on greater savings to our customers. Our certified technicians refurbish all units to meet factory specifications.


Q: What is an autoloader?
A: An autoloader is a unit that has a robotic changer built around the tape drive mechanism itself so that it loads tape cartridges automatically. A tape magazine is used to store the tapes when not in use.

Q: What is a tape library?
A: A tape library is similar to an autoloader, but at a larger scale. Tape libraries carry multiple slots, up to several hundred. Libraries also carry multiple tape drives.

Q: What is a standalone drive vs. a loader-type drive?
A: A standalone drive is normally used in a personal computer or server, as an internal or external configuration. These types of drives have dust flaps on the bezel to keep the drive from getting easily contaminated. Loader-type drives are used for autoloaders and libraries only. They usually do not have the dust flap since they are enclosed inside of the autoloader/library chassis. Most loader-type drives also have sleds/trays that they must be configured with in order to be plugged into a library (hot swap).

Q: If I need a large quantity of drives, how do I confirm stock?
A: Please call us directly at (714) 643-8480  or email us at info@sanwork.com for up-to-date stock information.

Q: Is Sanworks able to provide a specific firmware level/revision for a particular drive if needed?
A: Yes, Sanworks is able to upload the requested firmware level or revision as long as it is available from the OEM website.

Q: I have a defective drive. If I purchase a replacement, does my drive have any value to Sanworks?
A: Yes, we have an exchange program in which we will buy back your defective drive for 20% of the sale price. We CANNOT provide exchanges on controller cards and library/autoloader robotic parts. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs and must send the core within 10 business days. Once the drive is received, we will provide a credit back to the same form of payment used for the replacement drive.

Q: Do you provide autoloader & library robotic parts and/or controller cards?
A: Yes; if you do not see the part number listed in our inventory, please call us and have your library/autoloader details ready.

Q: Does Sanworks also provide repairs on optical and DVD-RAM drives?
A: We sure do. please call us at (714) 643-8480 for a quote on these specific types of drives.

Q: What’s the turn-around time for repair services?
A: 3-4 business days.

Q: What software is used to repair/test your drives?
A: Sanworks uses OEM diagnostic software to test and repair our drives. For example, we use HP Tape Tools to test and repair HP drives. All drives are refurbished to factory specifications.

Q: If I don’t see any of my questions in this section, what do I do?
A: Please call us at (714) 865-4677 or email info@sanwork.com for any other questions you might not see in the FAQ section. We’ll be more than happy to assist you!.