Microsoft Makes Good – Why MCTS Training is a Surefire CV Booster

MCTS stands for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. Targeted towards technology professionals, it is a certification that demonstrates acute knowledge in a particular field – there are many exams available that focus on specific specialisations in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows and .NET Framework, amongst others.

Since Microsoft products are very much the standard for many computer applications – from word processing to PC operating systems – an MCTS certification provides a credential that is wide-ranging in its usefulness whilst remaining very specialised.

That you can call yourself a ‘Technology Specialist’ – as certified by one of the leading corporations in the industry – gives an MCTS certification a weight that similar training options lack. MCTS could be the factor that pushes you ahead of the competition in the race for jobs and promotions.

For businesses, investing in MCTS training has benefits beyond an impressive title. Your business will benefit from increased employee productivity – because confident, well-trained staff simply perform better. Training your IT department towards an MCTS certification gives them a deeper, more intricate understanding of Microsoft products, meaning that any potential problems can be handled quickly and effectively by someone whose understanding of the intricacies of the product is matched only by Microsoft themselves. More productive staff, less IT problems, improved customer support – the MCTS certification is a no-brainer for any business with technology at its heart.

MCTS members will also be given exclusive benefits that provide further returns on the initial investment. Being a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist makes you part of the Microsoft ‘family’ – this means discounts on Microsoft products that are only available to Microsoft certified individuals, as well as invitations to industry conferences.

The bonuses don’t end there. An MCTS certified professional is also allowed to use logos that clearly identify their status as a specialist – and on completion of the relevant MCTS exams, you’ll be given access to a downloadable certificate. There is also a members-only website for Microsoft certified members – this site includes industry relevant news and offers, specialist tools and more.

There are many online courses available that are designed to prepare prospective MCTS members for their examinations. This is the recommended route for most individuals, as the exams themselves require every possible aspect of the relevant specialisation to be learnt and mastered. Since you must pay a fee every time you take an exam, by preparing yourself with an online training – you can make sure that you know the subject matter inside out before shelling out for the exam itself – a very worthwhile investment…

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