When Schools Will Understand The Pain Of Single Parents

Kavita considered herself to be a single parent ever since Raj left the family after the birth of their daughter Sakhi. Belonging to a traditional family, it was expected that Kavita and Raj’s first child would be a boy; but when Sakhi was born, Kavita’s in-laws tortured her a lot In such times, Sakhi was her closest friend. Suffocated at being in the traditional household that showed her no mercy and shut the doors for any further progress in life, Kavita went back to her parent’s house.

They welcomed Sakhi and Kavita with open arms knowing fully well that the conventional Indian society wouldn’t be able to take the state she was in for long till offcourse she reconciled with her husband. In the meanwhile, the family would have to put up with a lot of talk and nonsense from the neighbourhood. Kavita’s father thought it best for Sakhi to start with school rather than being at home and went searching for schools in the locality.

Kavita accompanied her father to school and stood in line for the admission forms. They managed to get forms to about ten schools in the locality over the week, but when it came to filling up the forms, Kavita missed Raj. It was something she would have wanted them both to do together, but she had to be strong till then and fill it up. Two schools that Kavita applied to for Sakhi had rejected her form on the pretext that it was incomplete.

Kavita had left the field’s that asked for the child’s father’s details incomplete. Shockingly when she applied through an online portal that her friend suggested, even that got rejected. Schools weren’t mentioning the documents they wanted from single parents and that were what was causing a lot of confusion.

The principal of a prominent school in the capital said they accepted applications for the wards of single parents provided it had an affidavit attached mentioning the marital status as divorcee or widow. According to the point system introduced by the DOE, the term single parent only means ‘widow/widower’ to the schools. There is no mention of divorced women or those who have adopted a child,” said a baffled Mrs. Mathews but then single parents are given 5 to 10 extra points.

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